Why cancel your membership with APRA ?


How do they vote for the board of APRA ? For every 500 dollars that an artist or publisher collects, the artist or publisher is given an extra vote. One-half of the board is made up of publishers and one-half of artists.


"The ACCC considered that APRA's arrangements limited direct dealing between music users and rights holders in most cases. In particular, APRA's propensity to generally offer blanket licenses removed incentives for music composers and users to negotiate performing rights other than through it. It formed the view that these limitations had a considerable impact on competition."



Consider how laws would be if for every 500 dollar's a person earned they got an extra vote. Before the internet was here artists would get exposure and revenues through a publisher. The internet has changed the way music is published and distributed. With these changes it makes sense for all members to be involved in the decisions that govern their rights on equal terms.

accc = Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
APRA = Australian Performing Rights Association 


Currently i am in the process of joining ASCAP, the ASCAP  artist contract allows the artist to collect where they choose and also license using any creative commons license. ASCAP is a rights organization based in the US.


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