Blanket license suffocation of art.

Currently the media in Australia, including the ABC's JJJ basically use only published content (the ABC don't publish play lists, so its hard to know the percentage of "self published" content that is used). Media is given no incentive to use works licensed with Creative Commons; this is due to the blanket license system that APRA issues to all forms of media; including live venues. APRA do not offer artists members the ability to license the content they create as they choose (even though myspace and youtube don't pay for use of content). This means artists not with APRA also can't license directly to media as they choose. The arts council of Australia also don't encourage the use of creative commons licensed works, even though its public money that is funding the creation of the works.  All the problems point to APRA. APRA even have the right to not allow artists to join their organization, if they have used a creative commons license prior. APRA have not changed their view of Creative Commons since members started asking questions.