copyright council

Dear  Copyright Council of Australia,

I have been reading what the copyright council of Australia have written about creative commons.

article 1 article 2 artcile 3  article 4

 Question??: Are the voting rights within APRA of any concern to the Copyright council of Australia, in view of changes in technology ?

I'm interested in how the copyright council of Australia see the reform APRA project, its clear to me that more than most members of APRA want equal voting rights, yet equal voting rights don't fit with the agenda of the current board of APRA. It seems that hardly anyone is aware of how APRA voting rights work within APRA when they join APRA, is this fair ? 

I noticed a lot of issues that the ACC did not cover when looking at creative commons. Is the ACC looking  at creative commons from a business and industry point of view rather than that of the "self publisher" ?

Could use of creative commons licenses create a more efficient publishing industry and  better use of copyrighted art ? Why are the licenses so popular yet your explanation so negative ? 

Also: the club in spain (copyright council explain creative commons article ) that took the rights organization (APRA equivalent) to court. When works are used with a creative commons license that allow commercial use, the artists needs to be attributed for the use of this content in that space. If the artist is not attributed then the venue is not working within the rules of that license. Also: How are "self published" artist able to collect a royalty in a night club ? What incentive is there to use "self published" works for regular DJ's ? Non-proffessional artists are not encouraged to join rights organizations by rights organizations. If non professional art is able to be used in a commercial venue, is this not a good example of why creative commons is positive for the exposure of "self published" art.

Questions: Is it the view of the copyright council that all artists create art for financial reward ? and what about the art that seeks financial reward getting in the way art that simply wants to find a place in culture ? what about when a professional or amateur artists wants to give their art to our culture without financial reward, is creative commons of use here ? Where are the copyright councils examples of "self published" artists that are able to benefit from the use copyright without creative commons ?

Creative commons licensing might be embraced, explored and understood by the copyright council. Where are your statistics on the amount of self published art being used by commercial and non-commercial organizations ?

also: Consider the amount of "self published" content created in Australia that is being used in commercial spaces, then have a look at how much quality content is available at the JJJ unearthed website. Many (maybe most) "self publishers" want their art to be part of our culture (rather than financial gain), putting a price on their content (via APRA) and having the content protected under copyright does not mean more exposure for this content in most instances. Could giving an artist the choice to choose a non-commercial Creative Commons license bring more exposure to this art ?

Who are you here for ? From what i can understand by visiting your website: The Australian Copyright council is a non-profit organization funded through the Australian government. I'm not able to find anything you have written that is positive about creative commons. I reckon creative commons offers some new ways for "self publishing" artists to get exposure.

An artist within the community looking for her or his ideas to find meaning in Australian culture might find creative commons of use. Without a flow of an artists art its not easy to create art for many self publishing artists, its not always about getting financial rewards. Creative commons just might be the light that many creative artists in Australia need to get their art on the go. If you have problems with the way the licenses work, why not work with Creative Commons in Australia to find solutions.

Anyway, I hope you guys value my thoughts here.

Look forward to your response.

best regards,