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I'm a novice when it comes to the rights of music, so don't act on any of this information. I urge you to check things out for yourself and learn about your rights with your music.

What is APRA ?Australian copyright law makes the composer of a song the exclusive owner of that song and APRA collects royalties on behalf of that owner. APRA is a non-profit organization that has a monopoly on royalty collection in Australia and New Zealand.

What is Creative Commons ? Creative Commons helps you publish your work online while letting others know exactly what they can and can't do with your work. Many free hosting services are available to artists that use a creative commons license. CC Australia link cc Australia mysapce link , creative commons explanation video. link

What is the problem ? Currently as a member of APRA your unable to use a Creative Commons "cc" license and remain within the terms and conditions that you agree to when you join. APRA define the conditions for use of its members rights. If your works are with the equivalent organization in the US, you can put a cc license on your works. 

How do they Vote for the board of APRA ? For every 500 dollars that an artist or publisher collects, the artist or publisher is given an extra vote. One-half of the board is made up of publishers and one-half of artists.

How can the APRA constitution be changed ? The Association's constitution can be changed by the membership in a vote on a special resolution if it is passed by 75% of the voting members. APRA constitution

Other thoughts. APRA has had the same system in place since 1926, but in 1926 the internet was not here and it was not possible for people to publish music without a publisher; it is even possible that at that time most of APRA's artist members were signed with publishers. If APRA had a one-member one-vote system in place, independent artists would be better represented. APRA does not have one independent artist on the board. Well over 75 percent of APRA members are totally independent artists, this means that they don't have their own publishing company nor are they signed with any other publishing company.

Opting Out of APRA. APRA gives the artist two options, that allows them to license their works back. The first license grants you a non-exclusive license back to your rights on a work by work basis. The second opt-out grants you a reassignment of all your works in a performance category of the artists choice. APRA does not provide any information on what combination the artists would choose so that a Creative Commons license could be displayed on their website. The simplest way to acquire your rights back is to cancel your membership. After this happens APRA would stop licenceing the public performance and communication of your works. APRA would then look at the artist as a non-member. APRA would get in touch with all affiliated societies and let them know you are no-longer with them. The Interested Party Information (IPI) would be changed as well as WID (Works Information Database). APRA reserve the right to charge upto 200 dollars for the request of re-assignment of rights. APRA ask for a self addressed envelope if you want to know when the change has taken place. Opt out APRA pdf


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accc = Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

APRA = Australian Performing Rights Association

jjj/abc= Australian public radio/tv networks. JJJ is a national public radio youth network.

So far OptApra has contacted.

 SMH, The Age, AFR, Immedia, Drum Sydney, Beat Melbourne,Ripitup Adelaide,Bizoo Brisbane, Sounz NZ, Damian Trotter, Fifa Riccobono, Sony BMG, Richard Kingsmill, Kirileigh Lynch, Hack JJJ,FBI Sydney, Julie Bishop, Peter Garrett, Aukland Festival, SXSW,RRR Melbourne, 2ser Radio Sydney, Emma Pike 

Drum media and JJJ hacks program were the only ones to respond. However hack from JJJ said the issue was of no interest to JJJ listeners. maybe with a change of government things are going to be different.

PBS Melbourne 

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Reform APRA's mission:

Reform APRA ask that members/friends get together to make changes to voting rights. 

Consider how laws would be if for every 500 dollar's a person earned they got an extra vote. Before the internet was here artists would get exposure and revenues through a publisher. The internet has changed the way music is published and distributed. With these changes it makes sense for all members to be involved in the decisions that govern their rights on equal terms.