Impact of APRA on JJJ/abc 

point form

-If you provide your music to jjj as an unsigned self published artist what incentive is their for jjj to the play that music ? APRA issue a blanket license to jjj so that JJJ is able to use any content they choose. This means that even if you were to provide your music royalty free to jjj using a creative commons license that your still in the same situation as any well published artist.

-APRA want let their members use a creative commons license nor is APRA interested in creating a similar style of license. More than 75 Percent of APRA members are self published.

-If the ABC/jjj had a quota in place for self published materials then the ABC would have no need to run the unearthed competition. Why is this ? The ABC would be unearthing music every day.

-Are people that enter the jjj unearthed competition interested in a royalty or exposure for their art ? Its interesting that most artists with tracks in the unearthed competition have no problem having materials available for free download, yet artists with labels or publishers do not have this choice.

-Is the jjj unearthed competition a good thing for the arts ? How many unearthed artists have remained self published ?

- With internet technology, low cost recording systems, ever increasing taste in music; why are the youth not simply creating the jjj playlist themselves ?

-Why are people so connected with a system of labels and publishers having such a huge influence over content played on jjj/ABC ? Its your ABC.

-Jjj/abc programing seems to be quite clearly set up in the interests of the publishing system. The publishing industry have all the commercial networks at their disposal and also the ABC. Is this fair trade ?

-Universal music distribute the ABC music catalog to ABC stores around Australia. How many self published artists are included in the ABC's music catalog ?

-I don't understand why the ABC is giving so much support to the publishing and recording industry. The Australian public might be upset with jjj/ABC and APRA.