jjj unearthed and creative commons

Unearthed radio:
I would like to see Australian artists able to upload content to the JJJ unearthed website using a creative commons non-commercial license. Why is this a good idea ? This would create a stream of content that could be broadcast to non-profit organizations. This would lower costs for non-profits and give needed exposure to the art & ideas. creative commons

The ABC/JJJ is a non-profit organization that provides entertainment to the youth of Australia. Part of the ABC/JJJ's mission is to connect art from within your community of listeners to your listeners. When considering this idea:  APRA maintain a system that provides exposure to published works, not self published works. Self published non-professional artists are not encouraged to join APRA by APRA. With the net and new technologies the amount of content available for use has increased, yet the cost of content via the rights organizations has increased. With the price of content increasing there is little incentive to use self published works.