Letter to Richard Kingsmill JJJ programer


Hi Richard,

Are you aware of creative commons or not Www.creativecommons.Org ?

If an Artists uses a creative commons licenses on their works; then the ABC/jjj does not have to pay a royalty to use this material. This might give a self published artists material more appeal within the ABC. It also gives the opportunity for JJJ to create a stream of music that plays only works licensed with creative commons content. My conclusion of APRA is that it represents the interest of small and large publishers/ labels. Its Job is to collect and maximize royalties ( extending and maintaining this structure is APRA's mission) For artists starting out, their intention is most likely for their art to infultairt culture. Most artists within the JJJ unearthed competition are more than happy for people to have their art at no cost. If JJJ gave all these artists the option of licensing their works with a creative commons license; then these works could be streamed/performed/broadcast to anywhere. The works could also be re-used to benefit many aspects of our culture.

Things you might want to consider.
-A creative commons license offers many benefits to the artists; a corporate label is unable to provide these benefits.
-APRA does not make it easy for the artists to publish works under a creative commons license; APRA is able to impose a fine of upto 150 dollars to the artist when they do optout.

Q What benefits does the blanket license system have for self published artist.
Q Should artists be able to license their works as they choose being a member of APRA.
Q Are you aware that in 2010 APRA's right to exist in its current format comes up for review.

These are important issues and OPTapra wants to know how you feel about them. I can print your response on our space and site if you choose.

Looking forward to your response.