Mr Cottle

The questions that APRA cheif execitive Brett Cottle did not answer.

(a)*Publishers represent half of APRA interests as a board (is this true?), is this so necessary ? In 1926 it was not so possible for people to publish themselves without a corporation. Today it is via the net it is. Most of your artists are publishing themselves, so why do publishers have such a big interest within the APRA organization today ?
(b)*When apra was "created" what percentage of APRA members were independent ? If the bulk of the members at this time were signed with Publishers then the organization would have been set up to serve the Publishers not the artists, Do you agree ? Surely this is a good reason "if true" to change things.
(c)*With the structure you have in place it seems not possible for an independent artist to be on the board. Do you agree ?Do you consider this fair ? Have you thought of a quota ?
(d)*What percentage of your members participated the last vote for the board ? 

(e)*Do you ever send out questionnaires to your independent artists and ask them their concerns in regard to collection, distribution, changes in the way you collect and distribute. Asking them if they agree what your doing ?
(f)*Would APRA help myself and others members lobby for a one member one vote and also vote to disperse the interests of publishers within APRA ?

(g)*What problems could you see with the running of APRA if a one vote one member system was in place. Artists want to maximize exposure and profits. This is common sense ?
(h)*Have you thought to create a new organization to represents the interest of the "indie artists"  under a similar APRA frame ?
(i)*Although most collection agencies operate the same way as you (from what you have told me) is APRA interested in looking at the idea of this change ?
(j)*On a personal level as an employee within a non-profit organization do you see  it as ethical to call APRA a non-profit organization - yet to administer your organization in the interests of those that profit most within your organization ?
(k)*Do you think independent artists are aware when they join the APRA organization of 41a &b ? 

(l)*What other options does the indie artist within Australia have to collect her or his royalties ?
(m)*Do you as an employee of APRA represent the interests of the board or the common good of your members ?