A one member one vote system


How can the APRA constitution  be changed ? The Association's constitution can be changed by the membership in a vote on a special resolution if it is passed by 75% of the "voting members".


Reform APRA propose that APRA members band together in an effort to make changes to the way that APRA voting rights work. Consider how the laws of Australia would be if for every 500 dolllars a person earned within the economy they got an extra vote. Why should the decisions that govern how the content that you contribute as a member of APRA be deiced by those that collect the most ? Before the internet was here Artists were only able to get exposure and revenues with the help of a publisher. The internet has changed this. Clearly all members now need to be involved in the decisions that govern their property. Without a one member one vote system their is no incentive for the board of APRA to look after the needs of its members.





Contact these people and let them know how hard it is to "self publish" in Australia. Feel free to cc optAPRA on the email. In 2010 APRA shall ask the ACCC to renew its license.  Happy to print letters on the site. optAPRA

Gavin Jones ACCC

PO Box 1199

gavin.jones (at) accc.gov.au   cc to Adjudication (at) accc.gov.au 

+61 39290 1475


Peter Garrett minister for the arts.

PO Box 249
Maroubra NSW 2035

peter.garrett.mp (at) aph.gov.au

+61 29349 6007


Helen Coonan minister for the arts.

GPO Box 3513
Sydney NSW 2001

senator.coonan (at) aph.gov.au 

+6126277 7480 



"The ACCC considered that APRA’s arrangements limited direct dealing between music users and rights holders in most cases. In particular, APRA’s propensity to generally offer blanket licenses removed incentives for music composers and users to negotiate performing rights other than through it. It formed the view that these limitations had a considerable impact on competition."

Around 10 percent of the worlds population is only able to afford copyright materials. This makes legal file sharing interesting for artists that want to be heard, especially the artist that self publishes. For APRA not to let its members participate (in a simple way) is not smart business. Visit creative commons to find out more Creative Commons